Welcome to JOTA, a site devoted to whom, like us, share the passion for literature and in which whoever can send his/her own material. JOTA, independent publishing house, is born in 2010 from an idea of Emanuele Bukne, already author of the trilogy La muchacha que se ahoga.

This is an opportunity to show through catalog the literary works, also of emergent authors, valued positively from our publishing committee, which a code ISBN will be assigned. Every writer interested to publish can send his/her own manuscript to infojota@aol.com, specifying name and last name and inserting a synopsis of the work in matter (and a brief biography, if required, that will subsequently be inserted in the authors area).

There are no costs from the author publishing with JOTA. The contracts with the authors contemplate remunerations from 8% to 50% gross on the sales (percentage that necessarily regards the preexisting degree of exposure of the writer). Evaluation time is from four to twelve weeks, in which you will receive an answer anyway and eventually the terms for the following footsteps to do (from the pagination to the graphic).

JOTA valorizes online sale, this doesn't exclude the possibility that every book can be distributed in the bookstores that already sale our works, and also other stores indicated by the authors themselves. We always update the catalog, so everyone can order and receive, in very fast times, one or more titles of our publishing house, through a piloted system and online traceable.

So, writing for JOTA means (thanks above all to the possibility to purchase - soon also on Amazon - eBook version of our articles) to make visible your own works worldwide.

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