Emanuele Bukne

La muchacha que se ahoga, volume I (english version)

Synopsis by Luigi Di Carluccio
(translated by Filomena Mazzotti):

La Muchacha que se ahoga is a report about a tormented love story whose billows interface intermittently (as in a Karst route) with the typical precariousness of the social-economic environment of Naples and its surrounding area. Therefore as protagonist of the long story, rises together with Ricardo (irascible, passionate, obstinate, the narrator of the tale) the analysis of a territorial context interwoven with contradictions: a south which is hated and loved at the same time, in any case unintelligible.  Ricardo’s defeat is shaped in this way, overcoming the boundaries of his very being and of his relationship with Esteva, like a capitulation of an entire system of ideas irremediably wavering. Ricardo loses but he doesn’t give up, the incarnation of a machina machinarum inevitably destined to dissatisfaction, but nevertheless obstinately searches the inexhaustible.




  • Paperback 130 Pages
  • Publisher:Jota 2010
  • Price: 15 euros




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