Emanuele Bukne

The drowning girl

From The drowning girl of Emanuele Bukne:

Esteva is nude, the only thing left on her are her boots, it seems they have a certain effect on a nude body. When I penetrate her sex, it must be the excitement, I don’t feel much. My penis seems to dance around in an empty room, unfurnished, one of those giant rooms in which when you speak you can hear the echo of your voice. I’m not satisfied, despite the cultivated self-celebration, sometimes confirmed by the facts, something doesn’t seem to be right. I check it out, everything’s where it should be. The problem is not mine, so it seems. Patience, no-one will go away dissatisfied from here, put a bit of fantasy in it and we’ll all be happy.

In the meantime, the sea continues its flow, unaware that someone is violating its dry, volcanic bed undoubtedly for the umpteenth time. It hurts Esteva but she doesn’t say anything, compressed by the friction between her back and those smooth stones, between her legs and the cold of that uncomfortable ground.


  • eBook cover: Valentina Tonelli
  • Publisher: Jota 2010
  • Price: 5 euros

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